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Lash Cleansing Foam

This Lash cleansing foam sponge is a best-in-class tool for extensions that have become clumped or have developing eyelashes, the Lash cleansing foam sponge will help to remove all the Lash product from your eyelashes and is available in a way of colors to suit your look. The tool effortless to handle and comes with a swab tool and tool grade lead which makes it top-of-the-line for makeup clean up.

Best Lash Cleansing Foam

This Lash cleansing foam is designed to clean and clarifying products, it is produced of oil-free clarifying foam and eye Lash cleanser. It is 150 ml and it contains natural ingredients to help keep your Lash auburn or ring down, cleansing foam - a revolutionary way to keep your eyelashes digging their best! This formula helps to clean and protect your eyelashes with each and every use. With its delicate and uncomplicated to handle packaging, bash is facile to find and keep your eyelashes hunting their best, this wrath-act-produced hair wash foam is produced with Lash cleansing mixed with deep cleansing for a perfectly clean and clear face. It leaves your face wanting and feeling refreshed and ready for the day's activities, this Lash cleansing foam is prime for silver pump heads! It is transparent and bodies are unique, unique black. This foam is a facile and uncomplicated alternative to remove your lashes with ease.